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Pascal Bovey Photography


I am a photographer living in Zürich (Switzerland). Since I was a child, I always felt something special about images, be it in the form of photography or video. I really like to give my vision of things I see and capture the feeling and the emotion of a moment. 

I studied photography at CAP Professional Fotoschule in Zürich. I especially love to photograph people because of the connection it creates between the photographer and the model. 

I can help you put a visual and photographic touch to your business, website and social media and create great images. Just contact me. 

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PUBLISHED EDITORIALS - Bette Davis Eyes - May 2022 - Festlich tafeln in 4 Gängen - December 2021 - A Day in the City - April 2020 - Beautiful Consciousness - July 2020 - The city won't change us - October 2020



Zürcher Kantonal Bank

Baker Mc Kenzie  

Zürich Film Festival

Pink Apple Film Festival

Google (Zürich)

Diversity Awards - Teamphotos and Head Photography for the Event on 29th September 2018

Studioforma Architects 

BGP Architects

Aerztehaus Seebach 

Bank Coop (new Bank Cler - 15 years EVA Programm Event


PhotoSchweiz, Zürich,  2 - 11 July 2021

Pestalozzi Bibliothek, Zürich, 29 May - 11 August 2019 - Project Metamorphosis

Photo19, Zürich, 10 - 14 January 2019 - Project Metamorphosis

Platzhirsch Hotel, Zürich, 19  July - 17 October 2018 - Project Metamorphosis


Photobastei, Zürich, 6 -17  June 2018 - Project Metamorphosis

CAP-Fotoschule, end of year exhibition, July 2016

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