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In the beginning of 2014, I had the chance to do an extraordinary journey of two months in South America, more precisely in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. I always dreamed of discovering the Andes and the way of life of the people that live there. 


Most of the pictures of this serie were taken in Puno, at the Lake Titicaca, during the days of the Festival de la Virgen de la Candelaria. This is the most important folkolric festival in Peru, which occurs in the beginning of february. For these celebrations, a lot of Kechua people from all around the country are coming to Puno to celebrate, and foremost, to show their skills and abilities in dancing, playing music and singing. The city turns into a giant fiesta where groups of artists are playing in every corner. The highlight remains the day where all groups gather into the stadium for a competition which intends to nominate the best group of the year. During one day, all folkloric groups play in the stadium, and there are around 100 groups ! 


The traditional clothing in Peru sports many vibrant colours. I was truly inspired by them. The gallery not only shows people met in Puno, but in all the country.

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